Teaching Experience

Below you will find a list of courses I taught in the last couple of years. The research courses in particular had a strong focus on (macro-) comparative politics and enabled students to conduct their own empirical analysis using Stata and/or R.

If you are interested in any syllabi do not hesitate to contact me!

Summer 2019BAIntroduction to Quantitative Research Design and Data Analysis (M6-1)2h/week; in English
Winter 2017/18BAEinführung in das politikwissenschaftliche Arbeiten (Pol-M8)2h/week; in German
Summer 2017BAParteien und ihre Ideologie4h/week; in German; research course
Winter 2016/17MAWhat Moves Parties?2h/week; in English
Summer 2016BAParteiendifferenzhypothese und Agenda Setting Power Model als Erklärungsansätze für Politikfelder4h/week; in German; research course
Winter 2015/16BADie Erfassung von Parteiideologie2h/week; in German
Summer 2015MAForschungslogik2h/week; in German
Summer 2014MAForschungslogik2h/week; in German
Winter 2013/14MAForschungslogik und –design2h/week; in German
Summer 2013BAWen fördern, wen fordern? – Konservative Sozialpolitik in vergleichender Perspektive4h/week; in German; research course
Summer 2012BALinke Parteien – mehr Wohlfahrtsstaat, rechte Parteien – weniger Wohlfahrtstaat?4h/week; in German; research course